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Yes. Triad Academic Search has a national reach and can conduct searches anywhere in the U.S.

After the initial consultation, and an agreement is finalized, we will have candidates for your consideration in 4-6 weeks. From that point on, your internal interview process will add additional time to the project completion timeline. Some organizations are able to get through interviews within 3-4 weeks, while others may take longer. Also, please consider that candidates will need to provide notice to their current employer. The notice period can vary from 2 weeks to 90 days.

Contact us to discuss our fee. Depending on your situation, we have several options for your consideration.

Yes. They are included in our search proposals for your review.

Yes. The industry standard guarantee is 90 days. Our guarantee is 180 days.

Yes. Our in-house industrial psychologist and senior consultants will utilize a variety of techniques and assessments to evaluate the candidates for leadership and cultural fit.

Post-placement performance coaching provides candidates with a safe avenue to discuss their concerns, receive suggestions, and improve working relationships, leading to better retention and performance. Additionally, post-placement coaching will enrich the candidate onboarding process, integration, assimilation, and acculturation to expedite results.

  • 30 Years of Experience
  • 100% Project Completion Rate
  • Excellent Retention Rate
  • Post-Placement Performance Coaching
  • Commitment to Diversity
  • Focused on Your Success
  • Trusted Partner

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